Drape & Contour For Beginners

Drape & Contour For Beginners

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This beginner friendly draping course will teach you the basics of draping and contouring on the dress stand.

Draping A Female Bodice Block

This session is a recorded live workshop, taking you step by step through the process of draping a bodice on a dress form, and turning the result into a block on pattern paper.

Draping A Skirt Block

A pre-recorded workshop, you'll learn how I drape a simple skirt on a dress form, and then take it to the worktable to transfer the pattern to paper.

Contour A Corset

A more adventurous session, this pre-recorded session shows the process of creating a simple corset design on a dress form, and transferring it to paper as a pattern.

I'm REALLY excited about this course, because draping and creating the pattern from the 3D form is something I love to do.

It's a great way to be not only be creative, but it's also possible to achieve a great fit too, when you drape a block on a dress form that is aligned with your body's measurements.

As a bonus, I am also adding a separate session on how to add the basic markers to an adjustable dress form (CF, CB, Bust, Waist, Hips etc (for those students who do not have a professional dress stand).