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Circle Skirt Pattern Template

Circle Skirt Pattern Template

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Who doesn't love a circle skirt? This easy to use template is tried and tested and will help you to create your own paneled circle skirts.

With 8 templates included, its an easy to use solution for those who struggle with circle skirt math!

The templates available to use are:

  • One panel - full circle
  • Two panels - each panel being half a circle
  • Three panels - each panel is one third of a circle
  • Four panels - this is a quarter of a circle and can be used as four equal sized pieces *or* one on fold for a front panel and two equal quarter circle panels for the back
  • Six panels - six equally sized sections could be sewn with two side seams, two front princess seams and two back princess seams
  • Eight panels - each panel is an eighth of a circle which is a great option for adding in godets for extra flare!
  • Twelve panels - with six for the front and six for the back, the panel template is half the width of the six panel template making it great for maxi circle skirts!
  • Sixteen panels - I almost didn't include this, because who in their right mind would want to cut our and sew sixteen panels of fabric? Erm, me!

A QR code is included on the template sheets which will take you to the instructions on my website. There's a video on my YouTube channel for those who need additional guidance.

There is now a charge for accessing the template and this is the smallest price possible to ensure access for as many people as possible!

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