2021 Digital Sewing Planner (GoodNotes Edition fo iPad)

2021 Digital Sewing Planner (GoodNotes Edition fo iPad)

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This is a 2021 digital sewing planner for use with the GoodNotes app on iPad! This digital sewing planner is great for sewers who like to plan their sewing projects out.

All pages in this digital planner are hot linked so you can jump around all 487 pages with a tap of a button.

Along the top of the digital sewing planner you'll find hotlines for essentials:

  • Calendar (with every weekday hot linked to it's own daily planner page!)
  • Sewing goals
  • Fabric stash (to keep track of your fabrics (woven/knit/other, Fibre Content, Fibre amount and image spot)
  • Patterns (to add screenshots or photos of sewing patterns you plan to make)
  • Templates (for you to sketch out a sewing pattern on a template before committing to any cuts or fabrics!)
  • Sewing Plans (use a page for every sewing project, keep note of the pattern name, size, view, date, fabrics used, supplies needed and any construction notes)
  • Notes (a place to add digital stickers for easy reference, sewing notes, pattern making notes and construction notes)
  • Blank pages - for when you need an empty page in a hurry

Along the right hand side, the tabs are hot linked for the year:

  • A main index making every page just a click and a tap away
  • Quarterly pages (for use to plan out the sewing projects for the three months ahead! No longer get stuck without new seasonal clothes!)
  • Monthly planner spreads (with a creative quote, hot-links to the previous and next months, links to the weekly overview pages and a 'don't forget list'
  • Weekly overview page (a weekly mantra, top 3 goals, personal development tasks, self-care tasks and goals for each day)
  • Weekday at a glance page (top task each day and an easy to see am / pm box)
  • Daily page (for every weekday, top task, today's schedule from 6am - 8pm, main priorities, notes and stuff)
  • Weekend overview page (top task each day and an easy to see am / pm box. habit tracking and weekly review)

This digital sewing planner is a great way to plan your sewing projects each season and then break your sewing projects done into weekly sewing plans.

This digital sewing planner for iPad (GoodNotes) would also make a great gift for sewing lovers - either as a Christmas gift or any other occasion.

This is a digital product. Upon successful payment, you will be able to download the digital sewing planner file ready to import into GoodNotes on iPad.