Drape & Contour For Beginners

Drape & Contour For Beginners

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This beginner friendly course will teach you the basics of draping and contouring on the dress stand.


The live workshops will be run across three separate dates (listed below) and the recordings will be placed inside the course area for you to rewatch as often as needed - you'll retain lifetime access to all materials.

I'm REALLY excited about this course, because draping and creating the pattern from the 3D form is something I love to do.

It's a great way to be not only be creative, but it's also possible to achieve a great fit too, when you drape a block on the dress form first.

Now, the workshops will happen over three dates:

  1. Monday 15th March: 10am-12pm & 1pm-3pm (UK TIME)
  2. Monday 19th April: 10am-12pm & 1pm-3pm (UK TIME)
  3. Sunday 16th May: 10-1230pm & 130-430pm (UK TIME)

The workshop is currently priced at a silly low price off £37 for the three sessions combined! That's like... £12 per session. 👀

The reason for this is that there may be tech glitches - it's my first 'fully live' online workshop so tech difficulties are standard - so I'm asking for your forgiveness in advance if glitches happen.

That said... the price will increase to £59 / €59 on Sunday 14th. Which is still a bargain right?

Here is an overview of what you'll learn in each workshop when you join me!

Workshop 1: Draping a Basic Bodice

This workshop will cover the process of draping a basic bodice block on a dress stand.

In the morning session, I'll be showing you how to drape a basic bodice on the stand, and will be taking questions as you put them to me!

The afternoon session I'll be showing you how I take that draped bodice and create a flat pattern from it, which of course can then be used for more creative pattern making.

Each session will last up to 2 hours, with time for questions included.

Workshop 2: Draping a Straight Skirt 

This workshop will cover the process of draping a simple straight skirt block on a dress stand.

It will run over the morning and the afternoon, just like the bodice sessions, with the live draping on the morning and the flat patterncutting on the afternoon.

Each session will last up to 2 hours, with time for questions included.

Workshop 3: Contour A Corset

This workshop is a biggy - it's the day that The Creative Curator turns 5 years old! 🎉 This longer workshop will cover the process of designing a basic corset on the stand and the process of taking it to 2D form as a pattern.

Obviously I am super excited about these workshops.

Now for some questions you may have before booking on...

Do I need a dress stand?

Not really. Yes, having a dress stand (some people call them dress forms!) will benefit you as you can then work along with me during the workshop, but if you know that this is a skill you want to learn, but don't yet have a dress stand, then join and take notes - you'll have lifetime access to the replay and a free pass to join future live versions!

Is it hard?

No! If you understand the importance of fabric grain, are handy with scissors and pins, then you'll have a great time joining in!

Do I have to join the live sessions?

No. I will be recording the live sessions and they'll be added to the course for you to watch back at leisure - which is kind of cool as you can pause as often as needed!

What happens right after I buy the course?

You'll receive automatic access to the course area, with a list of dates and links for the live classes, which will be held on Zoom - this allows you to put any questions to me throughout the session.